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It's the post you've all been waiting for.....the WHOLE alphabet!  Here you go! Like I mentioned before, there are some letters that you have a ton of options, so I thought I'd list a few other options I came up with for the letters!  I'd love to see your handprint art! A - Apple, Acorn, Aligator, Alpaca, Angel, Antelope, Ax B - Bird, Bat, Balloon(s), Baboon, Baseball, Basketball, Bee, Boat, Broccoli, Butterfly C - Crab, Cat, Cabin, Car, Camel, Camera, Castle, Caterpillar, Cow D - Dinosaur, Dog, Deer, Dandelion, Donkey, Dragon, Duck, Drum E - Elephant, Eagle, Earth, Eggplant, Elk,...


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