During this year, Their physical abilities are astounding and their gross and fine motor skills have really taken off.

Their intelligence is booming and their little minds are ready and able to absorb so much.

It’s a year to have fun with and take advantage of learning opportunities all at the same time.


The following activities are things you can do starting at 24 months and continue doing all throughout year 2.

Just keep in mind that your child’s capabilities will change drastically throughout the year, so their response to activities will be different depending on their age.


1.Simon Says:

Simon says, “touch your nose”. Simon says “find something green”. Simon says, “sit”. Simon says is an amazing game that you can play with your 2-year-old to teach pretty much everything!

Not to mention, it teaches good listening skills and interactive way.


2.Board Games:

Board games teach rules, they teach patience, taking turns, and they teach skills.


3.Roll and Play:

This game has a large cube with different colors. You role the cube, and then pick a card that matches the color face up.

The different colored cards teach different skills: emotions, colors, animal sounds, body parts, counting, and actions. It’s a fabulous game that encourages learning, fun and taking turns!


4.Wipe Clean Books:

Wipe clean books are in a category all to themselves to me. They are fun and interactive but teach so much.

We have a beginning pen control book and a couple of alphabet books. These books are great to just let your 2-year-old scribble in and have fun looking at the pictures.



Tag is another physical, fun, movement game! It also is great for teaching taking turns.



Turn up the music and have a dance party. 2-year-olds have a lot to teach us when it comes to unhindered dance moves!

Have fun and sing along.

This is a great way to burn some energy and get moving when it’s cold outside! Music:

This is the age where children start to sing along to songs and remember all of the lines.



Read, Read, Read.

Reading takes our children on new experiences even in the comfort of our own home. It shows them letters, words, and sentences.

So much learning is happening when we read to our children.



Chores are actually fun at this age. Have your 2-year-old find all of the underwear in their clean laundry, and put it away all by themselves!

Get creative and get ready to watch in amazement as a fun game ends up helping you get things done!


10.Build Things:

Whether it’s with blocks, or toothpicks and marshmallows, let your child experiment with building.

Now that they have a handle on their fine motor skills, they can really excel with things like this, and their imagination will run wild.

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