To all the parents out there struggling with their child/children's stubhorness...

Let's wind the clock back when you were young,

Do you still remember how eager you wanted to break free from your parents?

If you do, now you understand them. So, next question is... Where do things went wrong?

Is it them? Or you?


Bottom line is... We forgot our childhood and we focus too much on something we thought it was. Every parent was once a child... We just forgot we were once like that. No one listens to advices... Every child needs an example. Are you a good example?

Lucky you if you don't experience it.
Much more luckier when you do...
Worst if you do not learn from that.


Then from there, ask yourself:

How do I like my kids to tell my story of being a parent to their friends and my grandchildren?

Is it a story of hatred? Or it's kinda make your mama proud?

Because the best reward of being a parent is "How proud they are telling your stories to others."

Credits : Paul Dizon
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