1. Dance Party
  2. Read A New Book
  3. Watch A New Movie
  4. Make An Obstacle Course
  5. Make Music With Pots, Pans, and Spoons
  6. Simon Says
  7. Build Towers With Blocks
  8. Flip Through Photo Albums
  9. Write A Story Together
  10. Coloring/Drawing
  11. Create Art With Magazines
  12. Dress Up
  13. Bubble Bath
  14. Blow Bubbles In The Bath
  15. Write A Letter To Grandparents
  16. Make Silly Faces Using A Mirror
  17. Make A Blanket Tent/Pillow Fort
  18. Play With Puzzles
  19. Make Paper Bag Puppets
  20. Play Hide & Seek
  21. Fill The Tub With Water And Go Fishing
  22. Bake Cookies
  23. Animal Walks (Walk Like A Bear, Walk Like A Duck…)
  24. Ring Toss
  25. Color Sorting Blocks
  26. Build An Indoor Jungle Gym With Pillows
  27. Play Cards – Sort by shape, color, and use for counting.
  28. Create Art With Cereal
  29. Give Your Toys A Bath
  30. Build A Raceway For Cars

When you’re stuck inside, it’s important for everyone (yes, even you Mom) to keep things fun. Cabin fever is real and you can avoid that feeling of being cooped up with some entertaining and new indoor activities with your family.

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