Everything about life is all about stages. You will experience all kind of things both good or bad but the more you keep moving the more you will experience something new but there is a say that said ‘don’t allow yourself to be a victim to the problem but try to avoid it or learn from others but we all know it literally not so true. Sometime, Things happen to you maybe worst but we still overcome it and learn and become greater person but there are others who are scared to move because of they are afraid to fail. We need to ask ourselves some questions, is it much better to learn from the mistakes of others or to fight for what we want or believe? yes who knows the outcome but it’s good you be the experiment of your life than a life of others or result of people around you. Even those who you are learning from already grow and develop through it and keep on understanding themselves. If we try to think of it sometimes even when we learn from others and try to live different we will still encounter a greater problem. I’m not saying not learn from others mistakes but I’m saying that we all need to try to be the mirror or image of ourselves. Try to discover who you are? Your are the best picture of yourself and you are the greatest thing the world is looking for!

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