You matter how much this life have pressure you,you should never change to a different person. it might not be moving well for you now but find a way to remain strong on what you believe. Always know that doing good can open a big door of blessing and greater opportunities for you. Maybe there are some few things you need to learn and discover so to reach the next level in life. Sometimes you need time for yourself to analyze things, know this,anyone you meet or books you read it can only guide you but can’t solve the problem for you. But to improve, you need yourself alone. Use this three strategies I’m using to solve any situation I find myself in:

1.Think about what is causing it

2.find books that is related to your situation 

3.rethink again

You will be surprised that the answer is just close to you(law of attraction).

Lastly, you should know that there is no problem that don’t have solution to it even if it’s so huge to carry, the answer to it is also huge the same with the blessing that come From it.

Wish you good luck in life and a blessed month!

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